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THE MAN HASSAN BAIWA ABDULLAHI (HB) For Kogi State House of Assembly Okura Constituency.

The man Hassan Baiwa Abdullahi was born in Anyigba the citadel based of academic, economic cum socio-political centre of Igala Nation.
The town has been growing faster in proportion, infrastructures and social exposure, alas every Igala personality always loved to be identified with the town, that aside it has always been the determinant factor of Igala politics.

The vibrant, intelligent, promising and young HB started his early education from Christian Mission in Many Land (CMML) Primary School between 1975 to 1981, where he obtained the fundamental First School Living Certificate (FSLC), with his exposure to education he went further to Community Secondary Commercial College (CSCC) for his post primary education from 1982 through 1987 which propelled him for the West Africa School Certificate (WASC) from The Great Government Secondary School (GSS) Dekina with an excellent performance.

Despite the slimming economic status that often characterised the entire Anyigba Community then, he was offered an admission to study Business Administration in the prestigious Federal Polytechnic Idah between 1991 and 1993, without taking much time he enrolled for his Higher National Diploma in the same institution been the then only prestigious citadel of learning with academic excellence in the North Central Region between 1994 - 1996.

In his quest for knowledge, he went further to the emeritus Northern Nigeria institution, Bayero University Kano (BUK) for his Post Graduate Study, in the year 2000 where he study Diploma in Management, in the year 2004 he obtained his Masters Degree from Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma.

Despite his tight schedule, THE MAN HASSAN BAIWA ABDULLAHI has rose to the challenge by investing extra-time of hard working to see to the successful accomplishment of his assignment and the warm atmosphere in his area of services.
The Man HB always brought immense sanity to the places of his assignment, he has work and distinguished himself in both governmental and non-governmental organisations.

The Man HB is married with children, young, vibrant and philanthropist to the core, he has put on the garment of honours, he has put smiles to peoples face, he has travelled virtually in plenty countries in the world in the course of business and professional duties and whereas, he has err as human too but forgiveness is always Divine.

If the leadership qualities of the man HB is brought to focus in governance, it would be a wonderful opportunity for the people, because our problem today in our society is that of leadership with intellectual acumen.
Please let's do it TOGETHER...cheers


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