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Even Blackberry CEO’s Wife Uses A Samsung Smartphone.

Even Blackberry CEO’s Wife Uses A Samsung Smartphone

Since taking over from Thorsten Heins as CEO , John Chen has done a great job in trying to revive Blackberry’s lost glory and win back customers. While Chen works hard to promote Blackberry devices , his wife parties out with a samsung device. Mrs Chen caught the eyes of many when she brought out her Samsung phone at a party.
In an interview with financial times , John revealed that ,“There were a couple of parties we went to and, when my wife brought out the Samsung, everyone kind of looked at me funny,”
“So eventually I said she needed to use a BlackBerry. ‘No, I like my Samsung,’ she said, and I told her she was embarrassing me.”
Apparently , she’s a huge fan of samsung and she’s not willing to change ; not even for her husband.

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