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Interesting Topics and Comments in Obasanjo Book. My Watch.

11 Interesting Comments In Obasanjo's Book

1. Obasanjo called Jonathan a failed leader, citing his "failed" economic policies and Boko Haram as examples.

2. He accused Jonathan of listening to few Ijaw people as if he's the president of Ijaw - thereby pursuing sectional agenda that is capable of destroying Nigeria.

3. He says that Jonathan is confused, paranoid to an extent that the person ruling Nigeria is his wife, Patience Jonathan.

4. He said that Jonathan is finished for depending on Tony Anenih - a man he (Obasanjo) knows too well.

5. He accused Jonathan of being the one that recruited his daughter, Senator Iyabo Obasanjo to denigrate and embarrass him in a public letter where she described him as “a liar, manipulator and two-faced hypocrite.”

6. He mentioned how late President Umaru Musa Yar Adua and Goodluck Jonathan allowed their close associates to wreck havoc on the Nigeria's economy by looting the country's foreign reserve.

7. He called Yar Adua and Jonathan ingrates as they refused to respect the fact that he installed them in power.

8. He feels betrayed that Yar Adua colluded with former Governor of Delta State, James Ibori to implicate him in serious crimes.

9. He accused Yar Adua of abandoning his policies in power sector, railway etc., instead he (Yar Adua) was wasting time probing his tenure.

10. On Atiku, he said he will never support Alhaji Atiku to rule this country because of his widespread acts of corruption which covered various sectors of the economy.

11. He concludes that even if he reconciles with Jonathan, that he will do everything possible to make sure that he (Jonathan) does not return to power in 2015.

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