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People accuse Buhari of many things.

"People accuse me of many things. But one thing they never accuse me of is corruption. They never accuse me of mediocrity. They never accuse me of lying .I have led this country and I have a record. We were not perfect, but we were effective, and we solved problems, and we made Nigerians proud to be Nigerians.
In our government, we fought corruption, we stabilized the naira, and we shut down insurgencies. We shouldn't forget so soon that there was Maitatsine ravaging the northeast and we dealt with it; we also over ran the Chadian rebels that invaded Nigeria. In our government we rebuilt industries.
Nigerians queued up and treated each other with respect; Nigerians took pride in our reputation for discipline. The world admired us. We were proud to be Nigerians".- General Muhammadu Buhari.
This is honestly what this country needs right now. I don't understand why some people fail to see this. God Bless Nigeria.

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