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Adamawa Assembly Crisis: 9 of 25 lawmakers claim Speaker​​ Fintiri​​ “impeached”​.

Ahmad Fintiri, Adamawa acting governorAhmad Fintiri, Adamawa acting governor

Controversies continued in the Adamawa state House of Assembly presided by Speaker Ahmadu Finitiri, as the House resumed sitting Tuesday at about 2:30 pm.
The House, scheduled to sit last week, shifted its plenary to Monday, April 27, following a threat by 11 out of 25 lawmakers to pass a vote of no confidence on Mr. Fintiri. 

However, some lawmakers and staff who showed up for work on Monday were denied entry by policemen who said there was a directive not to allow anybody in.
Mr. Fintiri welcomed members from a three-week long vacation before adjour​ning sitting to Wednesday, April 29, 2015.
The speaker noted that some members were absent with permission from the House.
But at a parallel sitting at the Government House, nine members of the House, presided over by the speaker protempo, Wale Fwa, after a matter of constitution moved by member representing Verri constituency, Salihu Kabilu, passed a vote of no confidence on Mr. Finitiri and his deputy, Laori Kwamoti.
​The lawmakers claimed to have impeached the speaker.​
The nine members, believed to be loyalists of the state governor, Bala Ngilari, have on several occasions attempted to impeach the speaker, Mr. Fintiri, from the government house council chambers.
Mr. Kabilu also nominated Jerry Kundisi as the new speaker and Umar Abdulkarimi as deputy speaker.
“Seventeen members signed the impeachment but due to cowardice, some the members refused to continue the impeachment move but however, only nine members including myself is present to effect this impeachment,” the newly-elected “speaker” stated.
Mr. Kundisi noted that the move to impeach Mr. Fintiri became necessary because of the frosty relationship between
​Mr​​. Fintiri and ​the state governor, Mr​.​ Ngilari​.

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