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Get ready for opposition politics, PDP youth leader tells party

Abdullahi Maibasari PDP youth leader

On 27th April, 2015; the National Youth Leader of PDP – Abdullahi Hussaini MaiBasira dispatched the following correspondence to the Party’s Youth Leaders at the 6 political zones, 36 States and FCT. The letter is titled “prepare your grounds for opposition politics”
He stated that “As we (PDP) were held to account, we must now fully equip and prepare ourselves to hold others to account as the leading opposition party”. He stressed that “The necessity for expanding youth political space within our democratic system is now more glaring. He further urged the youth leaders to “assert your opinions more firmly on party decisions and most importantly prepare your grounds for opposition politics”.
We obtained a copy of the letter which is now fully released to the press for the generality of party youth faithful.
27th April, 2015
Fellow party faithful,


My correspondence to you has become imperative giving our present political climate and the present status of our party’s electoral trajectory.
2. In the past 20 months, we held several meetings, interactions and shared ideas. In the course of our party’s zonal rallies and the nationwide youth campaign tours; we discussed the hopes, challenges and aspirations of our political voyage.
3. I salute and appreciate your sense of duty, contributions to the party, and willingness to serve always. I am also grateful for your support, suggestions, cooperation and your maximum dedication towards the principal objective of ensuring victory at the 2015 general elections though unfortunately we lost.
4. Despite the reality of our political position, I remain very proud of your tireless contributions to the elections and of promoting non – violence. And we should all be proud of the democratic records of our party: A record of sustaining democracy for 16 years, of conducting nationwide credible elections, promoting press freedom, building and supporting institutions to support our democratic growth and conceding an election thereby standardizing and safe guarding civil transition in Nigeria for posterity.
5. For as long as we have known it, our Party – the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has been the party in government at the Federal level. In some States, this much has been the history. But the elections of 28th March 2015 changed this national dynamics. In some of our States too, we suffered similar political misfortune at the 11th April 2015 State elections. The history of this election should serve as our critical lessons towards rekindling the ideals of party supremacy.
6. Over the next four years, we would be the opposition party in Nigeria. As loyal party members, we must come to terms with this reality. We must fundamentally relate it to our functions and duties. As we were held to account, we must now fully equip and prepare ourselves to hold others to account as the leading opposition party. This political transition comes with a lot of perseverance and trials. We must therefore summon an equally appreciable level of party commitment and dedication.
7. The party has had a 16 year history of political dominance and victories. It was also the preferred choice of Nigerians for the mandate to govern nationally and of ensuring that democracy is sustained in our country. For the longest period of our nation’s civil history, the party governed and under it consolidated democratic norms and practices in Nigeria. We should be proud of this feat.
8. Today, by the electoral decision of the Nigerian people; and by the will of Providence – our political role will now be altered from the party in government to one in opposition. We should equip ourselves properly for this role.
9. As a loyal member of this party, I know we all share the pain of an unprecedented electoral loss and political defeat. But we should not be deterred.
10. As young members of this party, we equally reflect on the energies, skills, intellectuality and dynamism that is required to reposition the party and avoid further drift. To this objective, I want us to fully commit ourselves.
11. As an officer of this party, I am fully aware of the responsibility that accompanies our present situation. We are all in great introspection over the outcome of the elections and what it portends for our political organization and prospects. I know there is great work to be done.
12. As patriots of the Nigerian nation, we all believe that democracy is not only about numbers but also about service, delivery, choice, options and alternatives. This much have been proved by Nigerians and this much we must now live with.
13. But out of our political grief, we should provide the inertia and summon the courage to support and drive the efforts and strategies which are now essential to repositioning our party. We must also serve as vanguards to re-ignite the torch of party loyalty and ultimately rebuild our party brand.
14. For all intents and purposes, we can confidently posit that the future of our party now rests dominantly upon its young membership at all levels. Bearing in mind the strength of our own very demography, we should continuously struggle to entrench a deliberate policy of leadership identification, recruitment, training, mentorship and transfer of responsibility. The necessity for expanding youth political space within our democratic system is now more glaring. The creation of youth wings with representations at all executive levels is also fully advocated.
15. We should now absorb the shock, regenerate our ingenuity, reshape the thinking of our constituents, provide trending and alternative methods of doing things, deeply reconnect with our followership base, assert our opinions more firmly on party decisions, and most importantly; you should – prepare your grounds for opposition politics.
16. Going forward, we should offer ideas that should be objective, devoid of sentiments and passionate about our growth. Our party is a national brand and it should remain so. This should be the case for our party. Again, this should be our collective path. Our political fortunes are now irrevocably tied to our own very hands. Let us be mindful that the future belongs to those who remain consistent.
17. As youth Leaders, now is the time to deeply review, reflect, reconnect, own up and chart a stronger and united course.
18. Together, across board, we must dedicate ourselves to rebuilding a party that should truly be owned by the people because truly power belongs to the people. We must also be in the promotion of bold and strong measures that will return power back to the people. Decisions will be required, and they must be made because responsibility without decisions is alien to leadership. We must never be afraid to make our positions known or rebrand or remake or reinvent or redesign. We should ever be ready to seek for and adhere to intellectual reasoning and guide. We must prepare ourselves for the long haul and be ready for surprises, setbacks and obstacles. We must know that for every institution, there should be a driving principle, a real defining ideology and an over-riding objective.
19. The task will be daunting, the road not so clear and some of our strongest party faithful may fall off the radar. But, with determination, commitment and linking back to our founding ideals, we will have a formidable opposition in real time and in due time; regain our lost electoral glory.
20. I call on you, my immediate constituents that just as our founding fathers built this party from G9 to G34; our generation has now been called by destiny and electoral defeat to support all well – meaning efforts towards reinventing the will and uplifting the spirit.
21. I request of you, our elders and leaders in the party to recognize that the game can no longer be played as it were and that the voices of young people; whose sweat and energies have always largely contributed to this party’s victory, who inherently have new ideas, newer vision, and greater strength should now be more accommodated and greatly considered.
22. It will not be rosy, but we shall see light at the end of the tunnel.
23. I will hope that this message is spread to all youth structures and all who lean towards our party.
24. Our prayer now and always, is that God Almighty will bless the PDP, show us the way, lead us to the way, and guide us all the way, Amen.
25. Our prayer now for Nigeria, is that with our hold and foundations deeply rooted in democracy; prosperity, peace, equity, fairness and justice shall continue to prevail over our lands and upon all our citizens.
26. God Bless PDP and Nigeria.
Yours in party service,
Abdullahi Hussaini MAIBASIRA,
National Youth Leader, PDP
27th April, 2015.
Written to all Zonal and State Youth Leaders

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