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Kogi 2016: Our Chance to Make A Difference – Bello Festus.

It’s popularly accord that “one good term deserves another”. What can we say about the bad term, the vicious one, does it deserve any, does it even deserve any chance at all? I think we don’t need a graduate or an educationalist before we could give an answer to that.

Our state, Kogi, practically has being a material piece of the ruling class to dominate, extort, distort, and display their shrewd inhuman act over the governed.

 The deceptions of our so called rulers in the umbrella of representation have brought retrogression and depression onto our land.

I think if the real and true concept of Democracy postulated by Abraham Lincoln, “Government of the people” is being practiced once in four years then we have to be mindful of it.

In Kogi state, come 2016, at the next governorship election, power belongs to the Kogites (masses), the power to decide “who get what, when and how is enthroned and bestowed on us”. Therefore, we have to be awake of our own existence and be aware of our own awareness, because our fate in the next four years is determined by our mandate.

A period of election is a period to cast the ideological dead public officers out from the living, a period to cast out the unjust amidst the just, and a period to withdraw our state contracts from the unworthy contracts Bridger’s.

Together we can restore KOGI to a prospect way come 2016.
By A Self-Acclaimed Ambassador for Positive Change. Amb. Bello Festus
Twitter: @AmbBFG026

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