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A self-styled Prophet,Emmanuel Omale has been fingered in an electoral fraud.

Prime News gathered that,the fraud which has been  kept secret for almost three months is believed to be Nigeria's first electoral fraud involving a man of God.  Mr Omale had in the wake of the April general elections recruited one Johnson Musa to help engage the services of an INEC staff who would assist in procuring victory for his younger brother, one Sam Omale,the PDP candidate for the Kogi State House of Assembly, Ankpa 2,state constituency.
Our investigation reveal that,Mr Omale parted with the sum of N2.5million to the INEC staff (names with held) through the contact person (Johnson Musa) but the plot failed to produce the desired results which led to the woeful performance of his sibling at the polls and the ensuing request for a refund. But when he sensed he risked a jail term if he pursued the case,Mr Omale added a new twist by falsely alleging that the said some of N2.5m was meant for the purchase of a bus for his church , threat to life & other such allegations to grant investigative jurisdiction to the Police.
A close associate of the Pastor who refused to be named told this reporter that,the pastor will use all his contacts in the police to deal with Mr Musa. "We couldn't continue with the earlier petition because it was capable of sending the pastor to jail. That was why we had to go to a different police station,reported it as a fresh matter and presented a different narrative."  "With our contacts,we were able to hurriedly arraign him before an Upper Area Court, and through the cooperation of the Police Prosecutor,we got him remanded in Prison custody." Asked what they intend to gain from that,our source quizzed: "what else? It's to intimidate him,to pay the money. If we have to wait for the INEC guys to do a refund,we may wait till eternity."
Legally and on the basis of facts gleaned from this matter, Pastor Emmanuel Omale should actually be cooling off in detention and facing charges for electoral fraud. The act(s) of seeking an introduction to staff of INEC & offering them cash in exchange for unknown favours constitutes a violation of sections 124 & 130 of the Electoral Act (as amended) which provide against bribery & corruption, & exerting undue influence on the electoral process.

In the light of his payment of cash, in the sum of N2.5m to an INEC staff, which Johnson Musa innocuously received and passed on to the recipient, Pastor Omale became an accessory to the fact, and is in fact liable to face trial for conspiracy to commit acts contrary to the above cited sections of the Electoral Act.
It is perhaps noteworthy that Pastor Omale has changed the allegations levelled against Johnson Musa on three occasions at the three police stations at which he has gone to report this incidence. Our investigations reveal that at the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) headquarters in Abuja, he relayed the facts as recounted above. Further investigations reveal that this story has changed at the Zone 3 Divisional Police Station & the Abuja Police Command, his rehash of events differ greatly.
It is a common trick amongst complainants at various police stations to falsely allege fraud, threat to life & other such allegations to grant investigative jurisdiction to the Police in order to achieve their aim of using the police as a tool for intimidation & oppression. Our investigations reveal the likelihood of this being the case in this particular circumstance.
Prime News gathered further that the self-styled spiritualist/prophet whose ignoble and reprehensible role in the early days of the administration of former Governor Ibrahim Idris before he was beaten to an unrecognizable  pulp by the then ADC  to the Governor , Mr Yakubu Yakubu  and the son of the the former Governor Suleman Ibrahim Idris before being thrown out of the Kogi Government House,is not new to controversy.


  1. This man is so full of flesh and criminally minded. Anyone doing business with him should use discernment, catch him and report him to higher authorities. When a so called man of god prides himself in the number of men he schemed into political office or laid hands on before they got into office and could even go to the police or courts with lies in order to take evil redress, you would know he has missed the way, and he is satanic. Which woman married him sef? So he preaches what in his church? Anything like forgiveness? Prophet indeed. juju dey small. Na wa ooooo.