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Congratulations President Muhammadu Buhari for your recent victory at the poll, the change indeed is a welcome development. Your victory is our victory against injustice, fairness, oppression and intimidation. Your Victory is the victory of voiceless, the less privileges and the proletariat. We invoked upon the supreme Being to always guide and protect you against the enemy of progress, the people that are characterised with inhumane attitude, the people that exhibit greediness, selfishness and personal interest to unleash perpetual suffering on the generality of the people.

"No evil deed can go unpunished, any evil done by man will be redressed, if not now then certainly later….for the victory of evil over good can only be temporary.''----Dele Giwa

Alhaji Salami Abdullahi (ASTA) was born on the 30th June, 1951 to the family of Alhaji Abdullahi Adejoh at Olofu - Anyigba in Kogi State, a descendants of the Attah Igala traditional hierarchy. His father, Abdullahi Adejoh was the son of Ogalla Ogohi, the child of Itodo Ameh Oyiga, whose father was Akumabi Ayegba Oma'Idoko, the legendary Attah Igala of the old Igala Kingdom. 

Alhaji Salami couldn't afford the formal education as a result of the slim financial status of his humble background hence he became a motor mechanic and he performed excellently well that geared his graduation (freedom). In addition to his skills he tempts into Engine Oil and Transport Business through a famous transporter, Alhaji Usman Yahaya based in Ankpa. His success in the transport business lure him into Petroleum Products and Civil Engineering giant known as ASTA NIGERIA LIMITED a house hold name in Kogi State and Nigeria at large. 

Alhaji Salami business conglomerate has weathered the storm of economic recession that swept off his contemporaries by staying afloat with the engine of growth and sustainability of the commercial viability in Igala - Bassa nation of Kogi State. Despite the fact that Alhaji Salami didn't acquired formal education, his experience in Politics is hard to beat and second to none, in practical terms, Alhaji Salami would surpass a Professor of Political Science in politics today.

With his political knowledge and experiences, Alhaji Salami had consistently worked for the successes of National Republican Convention (NRC), All People's Party (APP) later to All Nigerian People's Party (ANPP) and even All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kogi State and Dekina/Bassa Local Governments in particular, and in fact, all the parties Prince Abubakar Audu had been involved since 1991 when he was elected as Executive Governor of Kogi State. 

Alhaji Salami Abdullahi (ASTA) has contributed tremendously to the positive political development, mobilisation and stabilisation of the progressive Igala body polity. As a commercial colossus, he buttressed and busted the entrepreneurial business to enhance growth of Dekina /Bassa Local Government, Igala land and Kogi State at large. 

An accomplished and ardent manager of men and materials has contributed economically to the growth and development of Igala Nation  by improving the general living standard of the people through his dexterity, political maneuvering, popular support and confidence of the people and expertise in commercial democracy. 

Alhaji Salami's humane attitudes deserves the imprint of his name on the platform of golden appreciation and recognition. It's on record that Alhaji Salami has influenced the employment of so many people into various Non Governmental Organisations, Federal Ministries and Agency, State and Local government areas including Kogi State University, Anyigba. His own private business, (ASTA Nig. Ltd) had offered employment to not less than 500 youths across the country. His business ranging from Petroleum Products to Transport Business and Construction Company. Indeed these businesses had a greater extent helped to solve unemployment problem in the state and beyond. 

After the failed attempt to his life by kidnappers in his office, Alhaji Salami was arrested on the 26th October, 2013 from his abode over a baseless and unfounded allegations of terrorism that has not been able to been proven with any substantial evidence over the years and the judicial processes has been tactically and strategically on snail's pace.

My prayer, I want to use this avenue to call on our humane President Muhammadu Buhari as a point of duty to call on the judiciary to enhance the judicial procedures as expected,for when justice is deferred is same as been denied. 
It's has becoming so glaring that Alhaji Salami arrest was politically masterminded by same people that anchored his kidnapping, we therefore call on Mr President and the General Public to come to our aid and ensure that the needful is done, we know Alhaji Salami, we trust him and we urge the judiciary to redeem their image as the last hope for the common men, though one thing is worthy of note; KARMA is always a relentless force.

Sule Isa Akagwu Kpaleko 
Public Commentator from Kogi State . 

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