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Appointment of first female Force Public Relations Officer; CSO commends IGP

The Beyond Boundaries Legacy Leadership Iniative (BBLLI) has commended the Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase over the recent appointment of Ag. ACP Olabisi Alofe Kolawole as the new Force Public Relations Officer. In a statement made available by the Chairman/Executive Director of the organisation, Comrade Omaga E. Daniel, the organisation described the IGP as “an Icon of greater Nigeria, who is passionate in his quest to transform the Nigerian Police Force for enhanced service delivery and greater achievements”.  They decribed the Police Chief as an unbiased leader, administrative guru and an achiever, within the extinct iconoclastic colony of genuine Nigerian patriotic leaders”. The organization stressed that the appointment was very timely, as this will further harness the enormous potentials of Nigerian Female Police officers especially at this critical era of change in our nation’s democracy.

Speaking further, Comrade Omaga described the IGP as “a reformist and societal emancipation crusader, whose policing vision is based on the engagement of intelligence-led policing strategies, community relations, application of cutting-edge technology to policing functions at all levels, prevention of abuse of pre-trial detention powers, human development initiatives towards the enhancement of the intelligence and operational capacity of the Nigeria Police Force and a gender sensitive officer, as epitomised by the establishement of the Gender Unit, during his time as the Assistant Inspector-General of Police (AIG) in-charge of the Force Intelligence Bureau (FIB).
He urged the new Police spokesperson to use her vast experience and expertise as a former Force Gender Adviser and a lawyer, to ensure she delivers upon her mandate to the Force and Nigeria in general. “Our organization is also using this medium to call on well meaning Nigerians, expecially those at the grassroots, to support the Police Force and other security agencies with relevant informations that will make the fight against insurgency and other criminalities a successful one” he said.

Signed by:
Comrade Omaga E. Daniel‎
Chairman/Executive Director.‎
Beyond Boundaries Legacy Leadership Iniative (BBLLI) ‎


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