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An open letter to President Buhari through the Perm sec of the ministry of Transport: DG NIMAC DM Hills Jr

Dear Mr President,We believe that you being at the helm of affair at this time was divinely ordained by God and we wish you a happy and rewarding tenure..Mr President you had in the past occupied various positions both in the military as well as in civil life,you were one time Minister of petroleum,and under your watch the Nigerian shipping lines did flourished,Nigeria had enough vessels and our cadets were not finding it difficult to do their sea-term,But as at today, the story had changed,the maritime industry has not recorded any major success story.
Cadets were poorly engaged,Poor salaries ,lack of Training equipment the ministry lacks among other things training vessels to meet the practical need of the teeming cadets who were passing out every year from their various institutes,It was on this wise, The Director General of the Nigeria Maritime Club (NIMAC) DM Hills Jr would want to advise the present government to urgently look into the plight of the Nigerian seafarers.because the seafarers plays a very sensitive and cardinal role in nation economy.Here are some of the areas of concerns
1--- we want the ministry of transport to set up a training center ,were marine officers(All sectors) and senior cadre officers in the industry,will be getting training and re-training to improve the Transport industry .
2---Capacity and skill Acquisition to include
Some of the training needed by senior marine officers/junior Officers to
include: manning, dynamic positioning,pilotage , anchor handling etc.
3---NIMAC want the ministry of transport to carry out maritime reform to meet up with international standard,in terms of documentation/welfare 
4---NIMAC want to see more of private sectors participation in the maritime industry, in terms of training,harmonization and intelligent gathering 
5---NIMAC want the speedy implementation of the Merchant Navy Act,which has been laying dormant since 2012.
6---NIMAC want the ministry of transport to give special statue to all states with seaport(s) and grant them license(s) to operate maritime activities 
7---NIMAC want the federal government to give special grant to all eligible seafarers who are duly registered with the Apex body and are yet to secure job placement 
8---NIMAC want the full implementation of the Cabotage law and the revamping of the national shipping line,which will go a long way to reduce the high rate of unemployment (seamen)
Sir ,We hope your office will give due consideration to the letter..
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
God bless the Federal Ministry of Transport 
God bless Nigerian Maritime Club.

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