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Flood Alert: Kogi Govt Urge Residents to Move to Higher Grounds As Water Rises to 9.2m

Henry Ameh - Lokoja Flood


Kogi State Deputy Governor, in a statement issued in Lokoja after inspecting the rising water of the water today, said there is no longer a hiding place for those who didn't believe NIMET and NEMA prediction that the state would be flooded, appealed to those living along the flood prone areas of the state who are expecting that the flood would not come to buy into the realities, as the water level has risen to 9.2m.


Awoniyi said the situation has now become a reality disclosing that the flood has once again caught up with the state as the rising level of the water on a minute by minute level is worrisome and is creating a panicky situation.


Awoniyi used the medium to call on Senior Special Assistants of the nine flood prone Local Government Areas of the state, to employ the services of town criers, Traditional Rulers and Religious Leaders and other Opinion Molders to appeal to people living along flood prone areas to move upland and to other safe places for their dear lives.


Awoniyi lamented the discomfort the flood would cause citizens in their relocation, said it is better to save lives and properties, than to want to live in comfort zone, said with prayers and supplication, it is hope that the state would not experience the 2012 episode.


Awoniyi assured that all concerned agencies of government have been placed on red alert for the purposes of evacuation and rescue if the need arises, said the job of government would be made easier when people living in flood prone areas are proactive.

The Executive Secretary, State Emergency Management Agency, Mrs Alice Ogedengbe, who accompanied the Deputy Governor on the inspection, said the Agency is constantly monitoring the rising water level, said the situation as monitored today shows that the state is once again going to experience flooding from the minute by minute monitoring, said the volume of the water was occassioned by the  release of water from Jebba and Lagbo Dams.


Mrs Ogedemgbe urged residents to heed government warning by moving to safe places, assured that her agency is collaborating to eansure that lives and properties are protected

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