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Kogi PDP Crisis: Audu is Now Unstoppable! – Musa Adeiza

The crisis that has enveloped the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Kogi State is irredeemable and Kogites can safely refer to The amiable Prince Abubakar Audu as the next Governor of Kogi State.


As it stands today, no miracle or magic can save Kogi PDP from self-destruct. Forget about the 'holier than thou' noise from the camps of out-going governor Idris Wada and the rogue banker, Alhaji Jibrin Isah Echocho, the in-fighting is all about greed, dis-trust and contagious selfish interests. For Ex-governor Ibrahim Idris, the fight is all about inability to control Wada 100% and his son failing to pick PDP to return him to House of Representatives for a 2nd term even when the dude obviously failed woefully in his first term. For Jemibewon, Akanmode, Smart Adeyemi, Omokore, Ogbeha and other self-styled 'Elders', it is about 'political preservation'.


Echocho is failed banker with criminal records and his curiously being sponsored by Omokore, a notorious oil-thief, Smart Adeyemi, another questionable character and more recently, Ibro, Kogi No. 1 public enemy. Echocho is practically a puppet in the hands of these elements.


Wada is an under-performing governor. Those who refer to President Muhammadu Buhari have not tasted the Wada Government Pill. This captain is indeed the original Baba Go Slow! Wada's supporters are largely old political war horses who have been relegated to the background before Wada's touch revived their political career.


Monday's governorship primaries will likely go the way of Echocho going by the antecedents of his puppeteers. Wada's supporters moved against Smart Adeyemi during the last senate primaries but he outsmarted them using the PDP NWC. That was not the first time he will be out-smarting a sitting governor. 2011 senate primaries saw Smart winning PDP ticket with 'manufactured' delegates' list. Though, smarter than Ibro and Wada, Kogi voters proved they were smarter than him during the last election. Wada will be stunned with the delegates list that will be used tomorrow and his ambition will die a natural death.


Before the end of this new week, PDP will be buried in Kogi state with the same casket bought by PDP members.

While Kogi PDP is waiting for her requiem mass, APC is getting stronger and stronger. Audu, the master strategist himself, has been reaching out to more and more relevant politicians across the state. Audu will, like in 1999, be a major beneficiary of the PDP crisis.


PDP is accursed and its pending colossal defeat  coming November 21 will ignite the fire of extinction on the party that has made Nigerians suffer in no small measure.


I advice all Kogites to quickly identify with Audu now as it is undoubtedly obvious that he will emerge victorious and he will turn things around positively in Kogi state. I urge the elders to come together, pay Audu a visit and work out a plan for Kogi greatness.


– Musa Adeiza writes from Obangede


  1. And if that happens, audu's prophecy of putting ibro in leg chains will be fulfilled

  2. Ibro heading to jail, wada will compromise all the hidden secret, it will be for kogi state and democracy.