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PowerShift Hope Via Faleke: Rejoice Not My People, Audu Has Agreed to Hand-Over to Echocho – Titi Balogun

James Faleke and Abubakar Audu

The agreement was sealed this weekend between the two in-laws, Audu and Echocho. In all sincerity, Echocho and Audu had been in touch politically all these while. Echocho brutal loss to incumbent Gov Idris Wada in the last PDP primary necessitated his new move to actualize his dream to rule Kogi at all cost.

It is no news that Audu and Echocho are the most ambitious governorship aspirants in Kogi state at the moment. So great is their appetite for Kogi governorship that both men have refused past offers to help represent the good people of Igala kingdom in the senate.

Kogireports, anyone who doubt my allegations should just check Audu's antecedents. During 2011 electioneering campaigns, Audu came to Okunland and promised to shift power to Kogi west in 2015, he went to Ebiraland and told them he will shift power to Kogi central in 2015. The same Audu went to Dekina to campaign and promised them he will ensure power shifts to Dekina in 2015! What a character!

As for our dear Faleke, we love you as a fellow Okun man and we will protect you against all odds, especially against the man Audu.

I will speak further in days to come.

– Titi Balogun writes from Lokoja

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