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A Choice Between Gov Idris Wada And Prince Audu Abubakar: Usman Okai Austin


There are lots of propaganda all over the internet accusing Wada of non-performance since taking over the saddle. A critical look into the Wada administration will make one appreciate the level of development that Kogi has experienced since the former flight captain took over the mantle of leadership. Shortly after Captain Idris Wada took over from immediate predecessor Ibrahim Idris, Kogi state was greeted by flood in 2012. the Wada administration immediately embarked on the construction of 275 Housing units in Gadumo Village, Lokoja to house 275 families that was displaced by the flood. The government delievered on the project. The Wada administration is at present embarking on 500 units houses in Lokoja, at present 280 houses are almost at the completion level. The government of Captain Idris Wada is also embarking on the Kogi state University Teaching Hospital, it established modern Diagnostic Center at the specialist hospital, Lokoja and renovated ALL General Hospitals of Kogi state. The administration built both male and female hostels for students of Kogi state University, Ayingba. The administration with partnership of the Koreans also built an ultra-modern Vocational Training Centre. The administration electrified over 400 villages and built Health centers across the state. At present, the administration of Wada is Building an an 11-storey Kogi House in Central District of FCT among others. Time will not permit me to mention road project that was embarked on by the administration.
Civil Servants Welfare Under Wada::
Captain Idris Wada can be credited as ONE OF THE FEW GOVERNORS that have been meeting the wage demands of Civil servants in Nigeria. Since coming to power in January 2012 with exception of May 2015. The Captain Idris Wada led-Kogi state government has always met the salary obligation of its workforce as at when due. The only time the state had challenge in payment was in May 2015. The allocation that came to Kogi that period was N2.7 billion while the wage bill of Kogi state was N3.1billion. This is even when some RICHER states were owing workers their legitimate entitlemnt. In May 2014, Wada fired the Chairman and Members of Kogi State Universal Education Board, SUBEB for diverting salaries of Primary school Teachers in the state. These are FACTS!
Internal Generated Revenue Under Wada:
When Wada came into power, the IGR of Kogi state was meagre N100million per month. At present, the IGR of Kogi state is about N600million per month. Under Wada led Kogi state, the state became the HIGHEST PRODUCER of Cassava in Nigeria thanks to Wada's stride in Agriculture. All these are facts!
Wada, a Good Manager of Resources:
Kogi state is not among the 'rich' states in Nigeria. It's monthly average revenue + IGR is about N3.2billion, while it's overheads guld about N3.1 billion. Despite the challenges, the state's achieved relative success under Wada administration. In terms of debt the state under Wada was granted a bond of N20billion but only N8billion has been withdrawn while they still have untapped N12billion waiting. Can this be said of 'WEALTHY' states like Lagos, Rivers, Imo, Delta, Akwa Ibom etc? Don't forget that Kogi is a civil servants states but Wada has been working round the clock to industralise it.
While we can't deny that some roads and some other infrastructure in Kogi state are eye-sore, we also must appreciate the resources at the disposal of Idris Wada Administration. Kogi is a state with very limited resources but huge responsibilities. I believe that Wada will consolidate on his achievement so far when re-elected. The only sin of Wada is that he isn't a propagandists and not the type that spend valuable millions on the media.
PA abubakar audu
audu abubakar was fortunate to be the First Executive Governor of Kogi state for 20 months between January 1992 and November 1993. He was again re-elected as the second Executive Governor of the state between 1999 and 2003. Having had such rare opportunity, one had expected him to prove Kogi electorate right and pay them with democratic dividends. Alas, HE FAILED. He was arrogant, corrupt and personalise the state. Yes, he built Housing Units but for PUBLIC SERVANTS (Politicians) and not Civil servants. It is true that he renovated the Government House that he was staying. It is true that he established Kogi state University but he PERSONALISED it and named it after himself "Prince abubakar audu University" despite protest. It took Governor Ibrahim Idris to reverse the madness. audu abubakar is also accused and is standing trial since for fleecing Kogi state of their hard-earned billions. In 2006, audu ran into hiding and was declared WANTED by the Ribadu-led EFCC. He was arrested SIX months later in Jos. audu also filed different cases to stop his prosecution while seeking for governorship office and immunity. In 2012 November, the Supreme Court threw away audu's case seeking to stop his prosecution. In December that year, audu fled the country for the UK to avoid his prosecution. The case of audu is still on. Does Kogi deserve such a man? When audu was defeated in 2003 as an incumbent, there was mild jubilation in Lokoja, Ayimgba, Okene and all part of Kogi state. audu since his ouster has stood for the same office TWICE in 2007 and 2011 and was rejected by Kogi people. audu has wasted his productive years, he is 68years already. What else does he want?
The PDP and APC Candidates:
HAving looked at both candidates, it is clear that the APC is determined to use audu to punish Kogi people, while the PDP is interested in using Wada to consolidate on its giant stride. At 55, Wada is determined and still in his productive years to do more for Kogi state. audu at 68, his worn out and administratively worthless all through the period the he led the state. His productive years couldn't deliver any result to Kogi state. He's a cancer to the state.
May God Bless Kogi State (Amen)

Usman Okai Austin

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