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Don’t Shut Us Out, Kogi Central Ebira people's Begs Buhari.

A group in Kogi central senatorial district wants President Muhammadu Buhari to reconsider his ministerial nominee from the state.
James Ocholi is the nominee from the state.
The group appealed to Buhari not to overlook its loyalty to him all along, alleging that Kogi central had suffered marginalistion for a long time.
"While it is within your constitutional powers to choose and nominate any candidate of your choice from any part of a state, it is pertinent for the sake of EQUITY, FAIRNESS, and the fragile power equation in Kogi state, to reconsider your nomination from Kogi state," read an open letter signed by one R. Abdulmaleeq.
"Presently sir, the Kogi state governor is from Kogi east and his deputy from Kogi west. Further, judging from the candidates for the forthcoming elections in PDP and APC, it is obvious that the same Kogi east will certainly produce the next governor, while the deputy will come from the Kogi west, leaving Kogi central with nothing.
"Sir, the scenario in Kogi state is not different from that of Niger state which you recently corrected by withdrawing an earlier nomination.
"It is on record that the Ebiras of Kogi central have always voted for you since you started your political sojourn in 2003, and they remained consistent and voted en mass for you and APC in the March 28 election.
"However, the Ebiras of Kogi central senatorial district have been consistently marginalised in the political sphere of Kogi state. "As the region that produces the highest revenue for the state and voted more than any other region in the state, we deserve a seat at the table Your Excellency.
"You have demonstrated that you reward loyalty sir, this is the time to reward the great people of Kogi central for being loyal to you all through your political struggles sir, even while suffering persecution from the state government. "Our plea is not hinged on law but convention which has thus far worked for the People of Kogi state. The plea is also in line with equity fairness and justice."

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