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Kogi Women Empowerment Network,(KOWEN),the pet project of the first lady of kogi state,Hajiya Halima Ladi Wada was hinged on the following Vision, objectives and model. The Vision contains were women from all social backgrounds collaborate to alleviate poverty and improve the lives of each other. While the objectives include,foster unity among kogi women,improve the overall health status of kogi women,encourage economic empowerment,and active participation of women in politics. The model contains facilitating the formation of trade based Associations,facilitate the establishment of sustainable income generating activities,and facilitate market linkages. It has also culminated into focusing on empowerment activities to improve the capacity of rural and disadvantaged women towards producing ethnic food and garments. Hence,the establishment of several projects specifically to touch the lives of our rural women with modern skills. Kowen kickstarts its life touching activities to the vulnerables by establishing a mini palm oil processing project round the state,set up a pilot project in Ikanekpo,Ankpa Local Government Area and facilitate the convening of women palm oil processors Association were women are trained by the national oil palm processors Association of Nigeria in modern palm oil processing and packaging techniques,create market linkages,awareness for the Associations products. Advance fashion design project in the state,to empower women and undeserved communities with a pilot scheme already in Lokoja.Senegalese instructors were contracted and had trained women in embroidery,and hotfix design,batik,tire and dye and upon completion,get support with embroidery machine and seed working capital. The project,in collaboration with nigerian institute of oceanography and marine research(NIOMR)by establishing a fish smoking processing project with a pilot scheme in Idah. Encourage the establishment of women fish processors Association,with improved smoking skils and establish processing centre,trained women in modern post-harvest fish processing techniques,and currently assist them in marketing their products through the pet project KOWEN. Establishment of 14 boreholes at designated farm centres in and around kogi state in collaboration with the ministry of water resources in july 2013,with pilot scheme at Adavi (osara),and Idah was commissioned .Hence reducing hardship by rural people,in dire need of portable water and health hazard. KOWEN,also establish micro enterprise management training/micro credit disbursement and empower women farmers. Trained 20,000 women in the 21 local government areas,through financial management training of petty traders with a flag off of disbursement of funds to 175 women in the Western Senatorial district,100 women farmers in Bassa Local Government area including farm implements to boost food production. KOWEN climatic change adaptation,known as "Green for cash",link greeny issues to arrest poverty alleviation, job creation,economic empowerment and sane environment to discourage deforestation,encourage tree planting,create sustainable supports income generation of small scale groups and grass roots communications. Ten (10) hectares of Land was acquired at Elika-Olowa in Dekina Local Government Area,for moringa farms,cassava farms,and rice farms as well as lokoja township road grenning and all the headquaters of the 21 local. Government area councils.
Food outreach for widows,orphans and disabled popularly known as (FOWOD),through which distribution of food items to the less previleged round the 21 Local Government Area on monthly basis and almost all the area councils have benefitted.
Various health projects through direct and in collaboration with relevant agencies like kogi state ministry of Health,Kogi state Agency for control of Aids(KOSACA),to curb maternal mortality rate,create an intervention,treatement and eradication of HIV scourge through workshop,sensitization,education and advocacy messages with pilot programme in Ankpa and Olamaboro Local Government areas, distribution of food items to those living with the scourge,avoid stigmatisation,training of "mama leaders" to encourage and provide incentives to pregnant women,ante-natal care at the nearest PHC.Funding and treatement through provision of drug to those with sickle cell anaemia disease carriers as well as awareness and sensitization programme on the need for genotype examination.Also financial support renderd to various health challenged persons for treatement within the state and beyond the boarders of Nigeria.Payment of hospital bills to indigent patients,twins,triplets,quintupulets,and quadrupulets..KOWEN has also from time to time embark on distribution of provisions,foods,drugs,clothings to orphanages,motherless homes and the vulnerables within and outside the state I.e. Margereth Ohiani Orphanage home Lokoja, Ministry of Mercy(mom) Otutulu in Dekina Local Govt area and Lokoja,the state capital as well as monthly distribution of food items.
Other activities include facilitation of free distribution of 575 numbers of wheelchair bicycles by the free wheelchair mission USA in collaboration with Associated Health resource centre in Africa to the physically challenged in Kogi State, Motherless and orphanage homes to alleviate the suffering of physically challenged persons in the state.
Distribution of refrigerators to market women in the three senatorial zones,organisation of children carnival in the state to sensitize children and state women conference in kogi state were awards were giving to distinguished women in the state.

Sule Isa Akagwu Kpaleko..

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