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This time at the break of day fifty - five years ago, it was a new songs in our mouths, and a new cloud over our heads, felicitating an effulgent new order as an independent nation. 

We got free from our erstwhile colonial masters. Hopes where high, the citizens were happy that they now will be govern by their own sons and daughters hence, things will generally change for the better.

But in reality was this so? 

At the genesis of our nation building, we had prospect people that were in power not to enrich themselves rather they were for the well being of all Nigerians. Unfortunately that era didn't last long, it withered away like a faded night and was succeeded by the treasury of "oil boom" which I depict today as the "oil doom". I regard it as oil doom because what could have been a source of prosperity for us, is now our calamity.  Why? Because now we have people in power, that are characterised by perfidy and mendacity, who are just there to enrich themselves and perpetual themselves in power. 

According to some Eurocentric scholars, Nigeria practice a Democratic System of Government but some Social Scientists like myself with a Marxist ideology , have come to team to postulate the fact that, what we have in Nigeria is not Democracy, rather its a new phase of colonialism characterise with white soul in black skin and just a civilians rule with Elite hegemony otherwise known as Elitecracy.

 According to Plato, he said an I quote, "At any point in time in any democracy only the people should remain the philosopher kings"  unfortunately this is not the case of Nigeria state, the citizens are not sought after for, majority of our population live below poverty line, graduates are produce every year from our Nigerian Universities, yet the government do not have provision for such youth, people work in the civil service for 35 years and retire with nothing because their pension has been stole by one big man.

High level of corruption, high level of infant & maternal mortality, insecurity, dehabilitated  infrastructure, low health care delivering system, bad roads network, cancerous poverty, epileptic nepotism,  political witch hunt and victimisation among others characterise the live wire of Nigeria state.

Today, as we grow older, we need to therefore renegotiate and annex the character of the Nigeria state for ourselves and for our posterity. 

God bless Nigeria!!!!

Article By: Joseph Egbara, A Political Scientist and A public Affair Analyst.

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