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12 Reasonable Reasons Why Gov Wada Can Never Win Kogi Governorship Again:

1- Half salary syndrome ( Wada dané) 
2- Monumental underdevelopment in Kogi including his own Dekina LG
3- Idah axis proud of Audu and Ankpa axis proud of Ibro but Dekina has nothing to be proud of that alone developed unforgiven hatred from his own people 
4- Campaign of deception, promising Okun people of power shift at the same time promising Ebiras power shift but a different campaign entirely from what he tells the Igala people. 
5- Idah road, the state of Idah road alone assures Prince Audu 90% votes.
6- Hatred for Gov Ibro, those few Kogites who might vote Wada suddenly developed hatred for him simply because he is still answerable to Ibro which might not be healthy for Kogi funds.
7- Bailout funds, Wada planned to use bailout funds to cover his mess and use part of it for election but will not be released not until after election.
8- Reinstatement of former LG Bosses, Wada bribed a judge over a pending issue in court to give him right to remove LG Bosses but now they are back and most of them are with Audu spiritually.
9- Wada lost touch with traditional rulers, Wada cant remember when last he paid homage to traditional rulers not until this present campaign tour. Kogi traditional rulers will prefer a proud governor who attends to their needs than a quiet governor who does not value their welfare.
10- Local government workers are not happy with Wada' government and majority of Kogites are LG staffs.
11- Rehabilitation funds for flood victims. The pain is still fresh in the sight of those who lost their homes and properties during flood in Kogi but all donations from the government and personalities were diverted by governor Wada.
12- PDP divided house, all those who are in PDP this present Kogi are not with PDP spiritually, Echocho faction and those who are paid to go on social media to campaign for PDP are not in the real sense going to vote Wada. 

If at the end Wada wins then it will be a 2nd greatest miracle after Jesus walked on water.

Concerned Kogite

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