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Buhari Cancels Weekly FEC Meeting

Buhari Cancels Weekly FEC Meeting

New information has emerged on the weekly Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting which usually holds every week since the returned of democratic rule in 1999 will now take place once in two weeks.

According to The Cable reports, President Muhammadu Buhari has made the decision that the weekly Wednesday meeting is surplus to requirement.

A senior government official said that the meeting which in the past centred on awarding of contracts would now be for performance appraisal of ministers and serious policy issues.

The official stated: "And FEC will no longer be all about awarding contracts but a serious discussion of policy issues and appraisal of ministerial performance."

It was learnt that so far the FEC meeting was held only once since the appointment of ministers which actually happened on the day of the inauguration of new ministers.

It was observed also that FEC meet might not hold on Wednesday, December 2 because President Buhari's international commitments and the next meeting date is still unclear.

"The president believes once he has given you a job, you have to deliver. He was very painstaking in picking the ministers and he is convinced he has picked a very good team, so it is now left for them to deliver the goods with minimal supervision.

  "FEC meetings will now be for brainstorming on policies and performance review, not just contracts," the official disclosed.

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