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Failure of successive governments account for the decay in the maritime sector .

It is now obvious that nigeria is recognized as maritime nation on paper,but in actual sense of it nigeria is not"" due to obvious reasons,My experience as Maritime Transport Researcher has given me opportunity to interacts with Some cadets drawn from both private and government owned- maritime institutions across the globe. many naturally agreed with me n this line,they have equally said that Nigerian is not ripe to be called a maritime nation considering the fact that it lacks a national carrier.,
The students added that the country does not have the wherewithal to be classified as a maritime nation, even as they berated government lacklustre attitude towards maritime manpower development.No concrete intervention plan for present and future mariners,and thereby making the profession none attractive even when it is a fact that 95% of world trade depend on service of this field
Speaking with a student from a private Maritime Academy,the student angry said that the government has failed in all ramification to put in place structures that will boost manpower development in the country and the sector, adding that the country does not deserve to be called a maritime state.,he said where are all the ships that belong to the national shipping line or National unitary line,why has no one accounted for them?
One cadet from Oron( Nigerian Maritime Academy ) said despite the vast advantage of natural coast line at her disposal, Nigeria is still lacking in areas of technicalities and qualities to enable her being called a maritime nation.
"What we need to put into consideration to give Nigeria the credit it deserves and to be called a maritime nation are not there in the first instance."
" Nigerians can't be proud to say this country is a maritime nation because we don't have what it takes to be called a maritime nation, apart from the gift of nature which is the water. "
"We don't have a national carrier, thus what can we say is the criteria of making this country a maritime nation?"
When you travel to countries like Singapore,India,Latvia,and Philippines for example, you find out that everything about them is maritime- inclined, but in Nigeria we don't have what can make people to say that this country is a maritime country and I think the government should be ashamed of itself, knowing full well that we have the natural resources for us to be known as foremost maritime nation in the world, but we are not making good use of it. "
Another Cadet from a private own maritime institution stressed the need for the Buhari government to revisit the issue of a national carrier, so that cadets can get sea time experience,without them struggle to achieve
Prof Banjo (Dept of Transport) said that Nigeria is lacking in the area of maritime human capacity adding that the federal government has failed to encourage maritime sector development.
He said "If we say Nigeria is a maritime nation, I will not agree but there are so many aspect that we are lacking in terms of human capacity."
" The federal government has failed to encourage the maritime sector growth by way of capacity building and infrastructure development."
"There is no way we can rate Nigeria as a top maritime nation in Africa and the world in general because for one just simple reason; we don't have a national carrier, our ports are very poor in the area of facilities and infrastructure."and there are no signs of improvement
" The young ones in this country that want to pick up a career in the maritime industry are been discourage by what is happening in the sector
Yes,it is true that nigeria is listed in IMO white paper,among,And it is proper to say we are indeed a maritime nation considering the vast coastal line we possesses, but we don't have the wherewithal to make the coastal advantageous to us as Nigerians..
What the present administration must is to bring back the national carries,reform the maritime sector,place professionals to head maritime sector and other sensitives agencies that contribute to the nation economy

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