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Nassarawa N17.5B Airport project and many questions of necessity: RealOne Emeje

Am looking at Nassarawa state this morning where an APC Governor Tanko Al-Makura lunch the N17.5B Airport project to be completed under 18 months through PPP. 
The Airport according him will be use in transporting economic farm products and goods from the state to outside the country. 
 Good plan on the paper but so many challenges has not been address. Majority of Farmer's in the state still use local farming methods, they have has not empower the farmers in the area of mechanised farming to improve on the quantity of farm products for commercial purposes. 
Presently the state has no industry to preserve the farming products , no industry to turn farm products into another finish goods. 
In Nassarawa state, many roads, hospitals, schools are bad, why embarking on 17.5B airport project. Kindly advise one of my APC Governors way forward.

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