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Why our lawmakers should pass the Coast Guard Bill..

Who is/are Coastguard and what are their functions..?
A coast guard or coastguard is a maritime security outfit or organization of a particular state,Government or country. The term implies widely different responsibilities in different countries, To same governments,its a heavily armed military force with customs and security duties,without necessarily being a volunteer organization tasked with search and rescue functions and may lack or have some law enforcement powers.

However, a typical coast guard's functions are distinct from typical functions of both the navy (a pure military force) and a transportation police (a civilian law enforcement agency).
For example during wartime, some national Coast Guard organisations might have a role play as a naval reserve force with responsibilities in harbor defenses, port security,navigators, naval counter-intelligence and coastal patrols.

The Coast Guard may, varying by jurisdiction, be part of a country's military, a law enforcement agency, or just a part of search and rescue body. For example, the United States Coast Guard is a military branch with a law enforcement capacity.
Whereas in the United Kingdom's Her Majesty's Coastguard (HMCG) is a civilian organisation whose only role or function is limited search and rescue.Although most coast guards operate ships and aircraft including helicopters and seaplanes that are either owned or leased by the agency in order to fulfill their respective roles.

Here are some of the benefits of having a national coast guard outfit our House of Represent could pass this bill ..

The nation stand to benefits immensely,in the following areas:
1-- The security our coastal waterway will be further enhance and strengthen 
2--It will create thousands of jobs for our seafarers and non-seafarers.
3--There will be quick emergency response to sea accident both on offshore,onshore and saving countless lives and defending marine resources and facilities across our territory

The Coast Guard Bill, will enable the creation of Coast Guard and the Federal Maritime Commission to maintain a separate authority or function from Nigerian maritime Administration and safety (NIMASA).And that NIMASA should only function as a Maritime administration center..
If this bill is passed the organisation will have the responsibility to ensure that our men and women of the Coast Guard will have the tools necessary to fulfill any critical mission,"ranging from confronting sea pirates,sea accident,oil thefts ,pipeline vandals,and provide escort to visiting vessels.

"This bill if passed will authorizes or empower the Coast Guard the ability to provide a coordinated network comprises of all other security outfit(ie Army,Navy,civil defense etc) This bill will also help our legislators to also addresses our maritime transportation system and makes common-sense regulatory changes to strengthen this important sector of our economy."
The U.S.recognized the Coast Guard as one of the five armed services in the United States, making it vital to national security,And since its inception the outfit has contributed to both home coast and global security..

"This bill if passed will supports the critical work of the organisation in protecting our shores, stopping illegal fake and substantial drugs from entry into our country, and ensuring the safety of those at sea," I urge the chairman on the Committee Transportation and maritime, to see wisdom in this write up and lobby other colleagues in the Senate to approve this bill and send it the President."H.E President Mohamadu Buhari..
God bless Nigeria..


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