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Why we needs a national maritime satellite...

It is very sad that Nigeria which pride herself as the giant of africa till depend on foreign satellites to monitor Nigerian waters and coastal activities
I believe the time has come that Nigerian government must have proper infrastructures to be a global maritime axis. One of which is a maritime satellite owned and operated by Nigeria.
It is very embarrassing to note that for the past 50 years or more Nigerian airspace (gulf of Guinea) is been managed by Ghanaian authority,meaning we keep renting services from them,making our nation to depend on foreign partners (smaller nation for assistance)
By depending and engaging the usage of foreign satellite service provider for various maritime monitoring needs,the possibility of not reporting or depriving the beneficiary vital information is there,since those information might serve the interest of the host country,But with the nation own Satellite, for example,We can monitor illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) Track illegal fishing, detect oil spill, manage integrated coasts, and create supply study among other things
The (Indeso) center Infrastructure Development of Space Oceanography unit in France ,It cooperating with France government has improved data and intelligence gathering. Every day, the data from 25 satellites received by Indeso center and processed in form of images with clear interpretation. The ministry of Transport will achieved more if they could buy some of those maritime image satellites which has the capability to enhance maritime security operation across all ports and airspace,with less effort
We must understand that satellite ownership is a strategic thing. For example the satellite-based global positioning system (GPS) owned by certain countries cannot be used by other countries if the latter have conflicts with the satellite owners.
"During war, they can only allow their troops to use GPS while we cannot use their GPS,"
Therefore, i want to plead or rather suggested that the News government must have an independent monitoring satellite, including special one for maritime sector. One of those satellite resources is about 123-degree-East satellite orbit slot which needs to be secured for only maritime surveillance or operation
It is no secret that all maritime nations worldwide has a reasonable amount of maritime satellites stations( launched).which has contributed immensely to the growth of their maritime sector

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