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This is the first edition of questions and answers with Hon Benjamin Ikani Okolo Representing Dekina /Bassa Federal constituency in the national assembly. ‎

Ak Emje: Hon. Sir.  Can we use this opportunity with hashtag #AskHonBen and ask some questions since is weekend?
Hon Ben: Ak u r welcome.

Ak Emeje: Thanks my Hon. Sir as a statesman in Kogi Apc, Do u think it's lawful to swear in Mr Bello without Deputy and if that's not possible can Bello pick som1 b4 the swearing in date sir? #AskHonBen.‎
Hon Ben: ‎My I have seldom comments on this issue because of the way people are reacting. There is need to look at law and divorces it from sentiments.‎
As it stand now, inec still sees Faleke as the deputy governor until he refuses to appear on the day of swearing in. The issue must first start from the party. The party has to communicate inec on its decision to change the deputy governorship candidate of their party and until that is done by the party inec has no right to declare the position vacant. So Bello will certainly be sworn in on 27th and if there won't be deputy its that day thAt it with 've known by the people of kogi.‎
‎I am aware that Faleke has communicated both inec and the party on his decision not to accept to run as deputy to Bello but I know that the party has not treated it with the seriousness it deserves for reason I can not fathom.
 Lawal Big Money: Sir, with all due sense of humility to you as a politician not just a politician but a political scientists and it does not end there,  a political analyst per say. Sir, will it be good for Kogi to suffer for another four years with the same train that brought Wada to us as governor.... that in the case of Yahaya Bello who did not labour for the governorship position: and if did at primary, what was his manifestos to the people at General rally in the 21local govt Council. #AskHonBen

Hon Ben: Big money, what brought Bello was necessity. All of us worked to ensure that Audu succeeded and God helping us, it happened and the same God took him away. Now, the party looked at the law and decided that the first runner up from the result of the primary election is the rightful person to Come in as a replacement which inec requested from the party. Talking about his plans for the state. I can't speak for him but I know that it's not possible for anyone to gun for the position of governor and not have a working plan. This should be left to chance as he takes over power.

Democrats Absallam: Hon. you may have known, one of our major issues as a constituency is that collectively, we face the problem of illiteracy which has done more harm to our society  than education... What are your plans for improving primary education especially? #AskHonBen.

Hon Ben: Talking about my plans for primary Education in my constituency May be slightly out of place as I am not in the position to affect them directly in terms of what is needed for proper positioning of our primary Education system. What I can do is to Come in by way of interventions in area of needs that I can identify and assist as my constituency assistance project.

Ak Emeje: Thanks sir Hon. My last question pls, Sir there are Rumours all round that u hv interest in the deputy governor position, pls sir Hw true is this? We are ur brothers if we know ur plan we defend u anywhere sir. #AskHonBen

Hon Ben: The issue of deputy governorship is not opened yet as much as I know until 27th. You have said it today like anyone else who has been talking about it. I am in the house of representatives by the grace of God and I am grateful. However, if by tomorrow the position is vacant and I look at the chances and opportunities in it for my people and I can convince myself about it then I can make advanced but for now, not me.
‎ personal account as Benjamin, I abhor thuggery and that conviction and belief underscores my crusade against thuggery, permutations and begging. I do much of empowerment and I won't stop.

Democrats Absallam: ‎2. Look around Dekina/Bassa constituency... Most of the roads are unmotorable at any speed, public institutions like schools and hospitals are decrepit, appalling and they are hallmarks of a systemic ruination. How do you intend to be part of a turn around for this constituency in collaboration with the in-coming  administration? #AskHonBen.

Hon Ben: Democrats, talking about the state of our public institutions. I share the same conviction as yours but you must first appreciate the fact that it's not within capacity as a legislator but where I see opportunities I can lobby for improvement.
I have already raise the issue of neglect of Anyigba through Dekina through Gboloko and Shintaku on the national issue for consideration for inclusion into 2016 budget and I hope I will find favour in the sight of the people who are in appropriation for assistance.

The questions and answers session with Hon Benjamin Ikani Okolo Representing Dekina /Bassa Federal constituency will continue by 7pm: Prepare your questions with a hashtag #AskHonBen on our WhatsApp group Chat Dekina Progressives Network (DPN) do you want to join the conversation? Request for membership. Thanks.‎
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