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Oh Death! Oh Death!! Oh Death!!!
-A Poetic Tribute To BenGab Isa

The sad news of your death
Cuts through the bricks I spent years
Going through our conversations over and over again
The memories we shared
Our stories, our scars, our happiness
We shared it all, nothing was held back


But Death, oh death
You have no season
You have no time
You go and come as you wish
Sometimes like a thief in the night
Always ready to strike
Never minding the pain that follows
Oh Death! Why are you this wicked?
Your sharp claws respect no one
Neither the old nor the young
You care not about our grief
You fill our hearts with horror
You cover our faces with ashes
You watered our eyes with tears
Turned our garments to rags
Oh Death! Thou have struck again
And this time your cut goes deep
You have cursed our sea with storm
Thundered in hot sun and caused our flowers to wither
Oh Death! Why now? 

You took "Oga na Oga"
As he is fondly called without notifying us
It's funny how you can turn love into horror
It still amazes me how you turned a white day into a black one
Are thou now glad that roses be placed at his tomb?
You took away a rare gem
You took away our smile
You took away a person of passion 
You took away our pride, a legacy!
You took away our friend
You took away the future of a generation
You took away a voodoo of creativity
And left us without strength

We've cried out our hearts
But you feel no sympathy
We are lost in thoughts
But you are unto the next
The echoes are still around
It still feels like a dream

My voice still trembles
I refuse to believe
Just imagine
Imagine the absence of the sun when our dresses are wet
The absence of the moon when the nights are dark
The absence of a blanket in a long cold night
Imagine the absence of our beloved BenGab Isa… "BenKawai"

Oh! Death! Why?
You've painted our rainbow black
You've folded our heart, and caused it to bleed
Oh! Why at the pinnacle of a man's life
Why at the cradle of his success
Oh Death! Oh Death!! Oh Death!!!
Oh earth, do you not feel his absence already?
The absence of a Motivator
The absence of a friend
The absence of an ideologist
The absence of UGBEDE'S husband
The absence of BenGab Isa
Till thou come visiting again, I curse thee to the deepest part of the earth.

          You touched so many lives Ben; you will be remembered even in death,
              Continue to rest on brother till we meet again, we'll miss you dearly.                           

                  Habib Rabiu Omachile


  1. Ben, this is 'Asu' ur blood sister as you always call me. I will not use past tense becoz I believe you're still with us, u can't be forgotten cos we love u. Ben, you're not dead we will meet again. you have gone to rest in the Lord. it pleases God that he took you at this time to prevent u from falling into sin. like I heard 'Ben is saved' Mama keeps singing praising to God for His mercies on u, Ben, God loves u dearly. Your humility, good work and love are great legacies u have left behind. I can feel your happiness, I can feel your ever charity works u have done speaking for you in Heaven. With every thing Ben had he touched lives. Beatrice Asibi Isa

  2. Ben, we love u!

    Asibi Isa-Anyanwu

  3. ...still like s dream. Rest On in peace

  4. ...still like s dream. Rest On in peace