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Governor Bello begin search for Commissioners

Kogi state Governor Alh Yahaya Bello begin search for Commissioners .

The executive Governor of Kogi state Alh Yahaya Bello has begun his search for who will make the lists of commissioners in his government.
The Governor who recently appointed some key principal officers in Kogi state, including Special Advisers (SA), Senior Special Adviser (SSA) and  appointments of local Administrators for the 21 Local government area in kogi state also need to constitute his commissioners that will help him deliver promises of his party to the good people of Kogi state. 
We gather from anonymous sources that the Gov Bello has started his search for a credible and qualify candidates especially youths to work with him as commissioners in his cabinet. 
The urgent need for commissioners in kogi state is very important as Governor  Bello could not hold executive meeting due to absent of commissioners.  
Governor Bello and the Chief of Staff to the Governor Mr Edward Onoja has begin direct contact with professionals, technocrat, politicians within and outside Kogi state who will make the lists of commissioners. 
We encourage the Governor to continue his progressive idea for kogi state and maintain world class standard in choosing qualify professionals, technocrats, the youths while making lists of commissioners 
This is a busy time for politicians in Kogi state as the usual business for lobby is in high gear. 
We wish the Governor all the best in his search for credible and qualify kogites as commissioners.

RealOne Emeje
Blogger/Political Analysts 

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