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Governor Bello Commissioners list, the people of Ugwolawo District cry marginalization.

Governor Bello's appointment is a disaster to the people of Ugwolawo District.

How can a Temporal Governor of a state be this insensitive and poor in thinking right?
So far the LG Caretaker Committee has been set up comprises of Hon Abu Egbiti from Igala Ogba District, Uloko as the Vice from Itobe District.
Next in line which Ugwolawo District were hoping for was to at least get a Commissioner, but it was still appointed from Igala Ogba District Gabriel Adoji.
Ugwolawo District is left with nothing even the recent list of Advisers that just came out no one from Ugwolawo District.
Since Edwards Onoja see himself as the Messiah of this government by pushing people like Mr Ugwolawo and the rest of the good people of Ugwolawo District that ensured APC wins in all the poll out of this government, then we shall never cry to the present government for anything. We cease our support for this government from today.
Ugwolawo District has the most educated people in Kogi State with good qualifications to be given better appointment than any districts.
We shall remain united and face-off with any Ugwolawo illustrious son or daughter who try to lobby for any small appointment in this present government, the land will never forgive such person.

Let us wait and watch the government that will not see the light of the day. -Ugwolawo Youths Forum

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