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Imagine all your hope and ambition in life been lost and whether away in seconds while still alive!
Imagine your dreams and that of your love ones been cut down at the prime age of your life!
Imagine seen yourself been on bedridden for the rest of yourself! 
Just imagine!!
May God Almighty distance us away from any predicament at this prime age of our life....Ameen

The story of brother MUSA ZAKARI JIYA is sympathetic and sorrowful hence it must not go unnoticed at this early stage of his life, at least let posterity have it on record that the love and affection we have for each other has no band. MUSA is just 28 years old young man from Idah Local Government Area of Kogi State, he is so lovely, ambitious and hard-working till when the dark moment of his life comes. The young talented and intelligent MUSA was raised in Kano where he obtained his Primary and Secondary Education. In other to achieve his dreams in life he went further to study Administration at the prestigious Bayero University Kano but very sorrowful and unluckily for him, he could not see the end of his education career. 

The regrettable and very sadly scenario happened on the 24th day of  October, 2012 when  he had an accident that led to an injury on his SPINAL CORD. The young MUSA was admitted between October to February 2013 at DALA Orthopedic Hospital, Kano where he was diagnosed and recommended for surgery by a more experienced Surgeon with the hope that MUSA could still regain his hope and dreams in life again as well as that of his love ones but till this moment the financial implications is killing this young promising MUSA silently and he has been relocated back to his home town Idah in Kogi State as sign that all hope has been lost.

‎For the purpose of confirmation, authentication and show of love his   residential address is located:
Along Idah Old Central Mosque,
Ewo Street, Ega Idah LGA,
Kogi State. 
Mobile No: 08022600724

Like I said earlier, all hope seems to have lost since 2013 that he was relocated back home, he has not been able to go for any medical check-up, neither can he afford drugs on his own and even his feeding is by the grace of God. From my findings, similar cases of Wedge Compression were corrected in the following places:

Institute of Neurology London
(Professor Geoffrey Raisman)

Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, 
Sector C, Vasant Kunj, 
New Delhi - 110070

Spine Surgery Hospital
Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai‎

You and I can still bring back this young man the full meaning of life, we can regain his dreams and aspirations in life, we can shame the devil and his act of wickedness by the special grace of God Almighty. We might not have the financial strength needed for the  treatment but we can sympathise with brother MUSA ZAKARI JIYA condition by sharing his story till it gets to the Executive Governor of Kogi State Alhaji Yahaya Bello to show his act of magnanimity in order to put smile back to MUSA face and that of his love ones. May God Almighty visit him in His own way and continue to guide and protect us always....Ameen
Thank you and God bless you as you share the story!!

Sule Isa Akagwu Kpaleko

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