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With all humility and due respect I write amidst sorrow and unquantifiable volume of tears to appeal to His excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, the executive Governor of Kogi State to on the side of the state government engage the Leadership of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in a peaceful and holistic dialogue to end the ongoing Three (3) Months old ASUU strike which has caused a lot of harrowing implications on the innocent Students and the entire University system. I acknowledge the efforts of the government especially with the payment of Four out of the Five months salary arrears which was the most pressing issue amidst other demands as at the time the industrial action was declared. We note with dismay that as it is , the whole issue has become a matter of "Ego" and seemingly battle for "Primacy" with the government having to bank on its efforts and ASUU on the other side demanding for further efforts as it is not enough to make part payment and order for resumption as if other demands are of no relevance couple with the Letter of Appeal cum "No Work, No pay" Warning. This appeal is in good fate and with all sense of responsibility to at least reassure all concerned parties of the neutrality of Student Leaders under the aegis of the Students Union Government (SUG)in collaboration with the National Association of Kogi State Students (NAKOSS) both of Kogi State University Anyigba chapter in the mediatory roles played so far. More painful is the fact that as at the time the strike was declared examination was expected or scheduled to start in less than three (3) days to come. Sitting down to analyze the implications of the action raises a moral question which we are all expected to answer subjectively (I.e as it appears to us individually). For public knowledge let Me state that with pity on us that the implications of the 'No pay, No Works' action includes delay in the mobilization of Students for the 2016 Batch A compulsory National Youth Service (NYSC) as the result coalition of the 2014/2015 graduates is put on hold, delay in Law School mobilization is also on hold still because of the earlier reason, delay in the completion of the 2015/2016 academic calendar, exposition of students to social vices, Low ranking of the University and summarily total disbalancing of the University system. Like we have severally said, it is not our interest to know who is right or wrong among the two worrying parties but rather we are most concerned about the plight of our fellow students which is the immediate calling off of the ongoing strike and an end to the seemingly perennial Strike action. We are therefore calling on Government and ASUU to come to an understanding with each other to this effect for the sake of the students, our future and our image as a state known for academic excellence. Dialogue remains the best solution. And if we must be frank with each other if this continues the shame will be for all of us either as a Government functionary, Lecturer, Student or a stake holder in the state as it will be a clear indication that while we are enjoying the fruits borne out of the struggle of our past leaders we have refused to help uplift our glory. We should want to believe that there is no political or ethnic sentiments on this matter as such will only lead us all astray and God Almighty will never forgive whoever may be involved regardless of status. Kogi State University is ours and we must put aside all our differences and reconcile amicably in the spirit of oneness and patriotism or else peace will be far from us even in death. We are the Leaders of tomorrow and whoever in their various comfort zones mortgage our future is heading towards a shameful ending. To you His excellency sir, your emergence as the Governor of Kogi State has so much been described as divinely and as such your loyalty in totality goes to Almighty God (Ohomorihi) , and as confirmed by both holy scriptures the voice of the people is the Voice God . Therefore, please treat this issue as a servant even as you are the number one citizen of the state at least for the interest of we the students who forms a great portion of Youths that ensured your victory and God Almighty will widen your horizon
. To our Tutors (Lecturers), your responsibilities as lectures involves research and community service, therefore for the sake of us the students who are your children and our suffering parents embrace a peaceful and sincere approach and call us back to school. Please Ego should be shifted aside and if truly your struggles is for the system, Rome was not built in a day and as such a different measure should be adopted for the struggle and we be allowed to have uninterrupted academic sessions. We should remember that if the system is right and there are no people to appreciate it with right frame of minds no goal will be achieved and continuing staying at home of students when they are supposed to be in school may affect their lives negatively which at the end will be in contrary to the aim of tertiary education. We ate quite aware of how much how the Union has in the past conceded but then as it is we believe with the gradual calling on government like the Dean Students Affairs (Dr S.O Usman) did sometimes ago in several media platforms will do us more good than bad. To fellow Students of Kogi State University, I have several read with mixed feelings your calls for protest and accusation on my humble self and my very good friend Comrade Shaibu Philip Omepa (SUG President) as regards being bought over by Government. This is totally untrue. As your leaders, as much as we are committed towards serving you better remember we must do this within the dictates of the law(s). Please accept my appeal for your patience as we see an end to all of this soonest. Best regards!

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