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πŸ’’ People are asking where this money went to.
I mean, the budgetary Allocation for the Ministry of Niger Delta for 8 years. With no completed project to show for it?

πŸ’’ New mansion in Abuja and overseas.
Additional wives
Guns for small thinking Militants.
Ostentatious living
Fat bank accounts
Pot bellies
Other vices.

πŸ’’ Now, before you accuse other Nigerians of marginalising Niger Delta, ask Niger Delta raiders, oops, looters, sorry leaders, who presided over this Ministry. You can start with Chief Godsday Orubebe.

πŸ’’ You can also ask ex Pres. Jonathan, why he looked the other way while projects, earmarked for the development of the area were either abandoned or not started at all.

πŸ’’ Another question you can ask is why their children are studying overseas while all they have given you from the money they stole from you is a deadly weapon and bomb-detonating skills.

πŸ’’ While they live in their lavish homes in Abuja, you are crawling from one creek to another, committing economic crimes.
Soon, you go hearam!

πŸ’’ Good news is, we now have a leader for all seasons. A leader for all Nigerians. A leader that will ask questions on behalf of all parts of Nigeria, including, yes, the Niger Delta.

πŸ’’ A leader who will insist that funds voted for projects across the nation, including again, yes, the Niger Delta be used for such projects.

πŸ’’ Those Niger Delta leaders and elders, who had the opportunity to transform the region but looted the funds for themselves are to blame for the underdevelopment of the Niger Delta.

πŸ’’ Let's continue to thank God for giving us the courage to vote them out.
God bless Nigeria
God bless us everyone.
Lauretta Onochie

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