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Poetic Tribute to Kogi State at 25 by Habib Omachile Rabbiu

Poetic Tribute to Kogi State at 25 by Habib Omachile Rabbiu

Oh Kogi, My Beloved State

Oh Kogi, My Dear Kogi. What Passion and Pride I Feel for Thee. The Confluence state we call Thee. The Convergence of the Great Rivers Niger and Benue, What a Magnificent Union it is; You are a Proud historical Relic State, in Thee the name Nigeria was Coined, in Thee Slaves were given Freedom, Your Wealthy Cultures and Traditions I Hold Dear.

I Adore You the Confluence of Opportunities. The Haven of the Igala, Ebira and the Okun Natives, so united in Strength and Compassionate, Who Served our Country earnestly, Long before and after the Amalgamation.

I thrill at the Reflection of Your Venerable; The Mount Patti with a Flat Top where one can Gaze at the Beautiful Display of the Confluence of Rivers Niger and Benue Rolling in Brownish and Light Green in Colour into each other Forming a Y- Shape Structure as they made Southwards Headway into the Ocean. You Sprouted all around with Rocky Hills and Fertile Farm Land; Earth Fruitful with Stone, Minerals and Ore.

Potent Nature's Allure that Bring us Comfort and Peace of Mind; Precious Cenotaph and Monuments of our Colonial Masters; lovable City, Towns, Villages and Hamlets with Productive Industries; Admirable Schools and Tertiary Institutions; Strong people with courage, Honesty and Reverent.

Tourism and Hospitality are the attributes of kogi Sate.

Oh Kogi, Hope I know you Abide to. Many Storm have battered Thee, Waves of Destruction you have managed to outrun, and Countless Frustration have not cowed Thee. You are still Alive, Vibrant with Life; indeed you were created to Overcome and You Shall Overcome, I Believe Oh Yes I Do Believe. I kid Thee not; I truly Love and Cherish Thee my Beloved Kogi. Happy Anniversary, my dear Kogi State.

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