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I read in one of the dailies a few weeks ago where Yahaya Bello has the effrontery to write that kogi state is sick.
The state is not sick it is the government of Yahaya Bello that is sick, his government is for the radicals, cultist, nonentities and dismissed officers from the bank. Yahaya Bello's attitude of governance, character and behavior towards humanity deserves a lot of review, Bello behaves as capital f there is no tomorrow.

Screening of Kogi work force and pensioners has become endless because the committee is made up of over 70% of irrelevant personnel to the civil service most of the committee members are insurance workers, certificate holders from non accredited polytechnics imagine a personnel screening a civil servant and does not even know that the terminal point for national diploma certificate both at federal and state level in civil service is GL14- chief executive officer.
This certificate is not accepted by any higher school in Nigeria for any post graduate course. I hold a masters degree from UNN. Bring back intellectuals to the government. That Yahaya Bello was saying throwing out money on the streets of Lokoja the state capital, and the express road shows that he is not just a madman but very sick, this is a state where civil servants and pensioners have not been paid for 14 months. Yahaya Bello on the day of his inauguration shed tears saying "I remember my late father who was poor, and thanking his friends in back in school who assisted him financially.

Not forgetting his poor mother who sold everything, went through thick and thin for my education. Promising kogites of a new dawn." Same Bello has now turned into the worst enemy Kogi state ever had. Yahaya Bello whose later father was a palace servant, died leaving the family with nothing declared 48billion naira at the age of 40 on the day of his inauguration as kogi state governor.

He has now become a proud man of antecedent asking kogites to go look for the history of how he was born, it makes me wonder when Yahaya Bello see's past governors as looters. None of them had more than 100b naira in 4 years of governance, nor sold their personal houses to the state.

As Bello showed up in the state for his primaries he bought a house close to government house for naira 70m and sold it to the government for naira 500m what a shame, Yahaya Bello simply does not have any good intentions for the people of kogi state God almighty who enthroned him will surely dethrone him shortly, he is indeed a disappointment to his generation(the youth) and apology to the human race.
Usman Okai Austin

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