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Gov Bello’s Absence From Osun Election, Signs of Emotional Intelligence: Kogi Rebel.

Kogi Rebel 

Many people are asking why Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State was absent at Osun State guber-elections to support Oyetola to victory, just like his outing favored the states of Ekiti, Ondo and Anambra APCs strategies. As the Chairman of the Sub Committee of APC Governors on Security; he also chaired the security management of the Convention of All Progressives Congress, which produced the Chairman and other excos. He is that rich in security ideas- a template on replay in Kogi State which has given the state a reputation of being the most peaceful state in Nigeria, crashing kidnappings, armed robbery and other banditry from gear 5 to zero. 

In recent time, the Nigerian Customs, under Comptroller

Ahmed Alli also disclosed the highest revenue of the institution to have come chiefly from Kogi and other North Central states, owing to accurate security coordination. 

In the case of Osun, unlike how the Governor did it for Aketi and Fayemi, the heart-sabotaging floods from the Niger River is laying siege on the homes of thousands of Kogites. Many have been evacuated without their rents expiring- into IDP camps. Children have been disallowed from school without owing school fees because of the flooding situation. 

We are in a distress. Governor Yahaya Bello, understands this type of distress. He is sleeping in Lokoja and crying along with his people, begging the FG for intervention, charging his aides to coordinate deliveries of the relief materials whilst opening more camps to those being swallowed by the water.

In 2012, Lokoja became a waterlog. Many cars and humans were stranded with the road covered in a pool of natural-disaster creation. Feelers from NIMET shows a likely dejavu of 2012 would happen in 2018.

How can a man whose heart is home, knows responsibilities, pursue politics when his people are under such emotional burden?

Sometime last week, the Kogi State Government declared that an estimated N100B has been lost in the disaster. These includes road infrastructure, housing and developmental structures which private and public institutions are putting up to aid the economy and living conditions in the state. Pictures were shared on social media carrying the "water for all"  motorized boreholes in many communities, submerged by the haranguing flood. This is a tough time for the Kogi people.

On the 18th of September, 2018, the Governor ran to Abuja, Aso Villa, to give the President situation report on the flood along with his mapped out strategy for responding to the crisis in an attempt to mitigate the effects on the Kogi people.

These are some of the steps taken thus far:


1. Stakeholders meeting at the instance of His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello

2. Sensitization exercise on the need for inhabitants to relocate to high grounds. This started on the 5th of September, 2018.

3. Rescue operations

4. Creation of thirty three camps in Kogi State

6. Segmentation and profiling of flood victims

7. Provision of Relief materials by The Governor and National Emergency Management Agency

8. Creation of emergency situation room

9. Strategy and contingency sessions 

10. Distribution of food and non food items to flood victims

11, Medical care and welfare of all camps in Kogi State. 

12. Regular unscheduled visits to these camps by the Governor. 

13. Official situation report to The President by Gov Bello. 

14, Synergy with relevant Federal Agencies like Navy, NIWA, Nigerian Police, DSS, Federal Road safety Corp, National Emergency Management Agency, NIMET, NIHSA through the office of the Senior Special Assistant to Kogi State Governor on Federal Agencies Matters  Prince Opaluwa Okoliko Gideon. 

15, Team visits to all communities ravaged by flood in Kogi State

16. Aerial view assessment and trips to affected areas. 

17. Provision of adequate Security to flood victims

  1. Distribution of relief materials to the flood victims at their various camps. 

Location of some camps: 

1. Idah Camp for Idah/Ibaji

2. Edeha Camp, Koto Karfe

3. Okpaka camp,Koto Karfe

4.St Pius Camp, Koto Karfe

5. Akpaku Camp, Koto Karfe. 

6. Itobe Camp

7. Felele Camp

8. Wada Camp, Lokoja

9.Opkaka camp

10. Gadumo Camp

11. Bass a camp 1

12. Bassa camp 2

13. Bass camp 3

14. Omala camp 1

15. Omala Camp 2

Some generals who have kept watch in service and capacity in managing the flood situation are: Hon Sanusi Yahaya, Commissioner for Environment and Natural Resources. Hon Prince Opaluwa Gideon, Senior Special Assistant on Federal Agencies Matters. Hon Ocholi Yakubu, Senior Special Assistant on Emergency Management. Mr Ayegba Hassan Executive Secretary State Emergency Management Agency  and Mr Bitrus Samuel Head of Operations Team to Kogi State , National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA. 

The state Government also provided a flood Hotline through the Ministry of Environment, running a 24hrs 7 days  sensitization, response, assistance and protection services for those affected by the floods. The hotlines are ( 0906040797909022002867). 

In a stimulated crescendo to maintain and sustain the efforts already on ground by the Kogi State Government and the Federal Government of Nigeria, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo along with The Executive Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Adoza Bello, The Deputy Governor of Kogi State, Elder Simon Achuba, The junior Minister of Labour, Prof.  Stephen Ocheni and the tireless-in-stamina Chief of Staff to the Governor, Hon. Edward Onoja - all in Kogi state today, 24th September accessing the flood situation across the state. 

Remember to call the hot-lines for rescue services. The Kogi State Government has demonstrated her capacity to respond to the flooding crisis. 

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