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After 2019 General Election: 12 Political Parties are Now Legally Recognized.

Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (Fourth Alteration, No 9) Act, 2017 enacted on May 4, 2017 has amended section 225 of the 1999 Constitution to empower the Independent National Electoral Commission to deregister political parties.

Grounds upon which a political party can be deregistered are:

a. Breaches of any of the requirements for registration,

b. Failure to win at least twenty-five percent of votes cast in one State of the Federation in a Presidential election; or one Local Government of the State in a Governorship election, and,

c. Failure to win at least one ward in the Chairmanship election; one seat in the National or State House of Assembly election; or one seat in the Councillorship election.

Going by the analysis of the results of the 2019 general elections, out of the 91 registered political parties that participated at various elective offices in the Presidential, National Assembly, Gubernatorial, State Assembly and FCT Area Council Elections, only the following political parties are deemed to be legally recognized:

1. AA (Action Alliance)
2. AAC (African Alliance Congress)
3. ADC (African Democratic Congress)
4. ADP (African Democratic Party)
5. APC (All Progressive Congress)
6. APM (Allied Progressive Movement)
7. APGA (All Progressive Grand Alliance)
8. PDP (Peoples Democratic Party)
9. PRP (Peoples Redemption Party)
10. SDP (Social Democratic Party)
11. UDP (United Democratic Party)
12. YPP (Young Progressive Party)

To this end, the 9th National Assembly should further amend the CFRN 1999 to limit the political space to above parties in deepening our democracy.

We cannot afford the luxury of portfolio political parties which are formed basically to disorganize our electoral process.

As we speak, over 100 political associations have applied for registration by INEC.

Sanity must start from here. A credible electoral system is possible.

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