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We pay darkness bills than NEPA bills in Igala land:

We pay darkness bills than NEPA bills in Igala land:

One of The critical problems in Igala land today is poor power generation. Efforts by the government in the past to boost electricity in the area was sabotaged by a particular person despite huge allocation budgeted unlike other areas enjoying relative or full power supply. I wish to use this platform to appeal to the state and federal governments to come to the aid of Igala Bassa land as we continue to pray for our leaders and good governance in our dear state. Let me also put on the table that, It is high time we dropped posting inciting, unproductive and unachievable write up on social media which could possibly set us ablaze or tier us apart forever. Must we continue to be attacking and making inciting post before we achieve our desired goals? In my own reading of the literature, I don't insult or attack elders or leaders in government even though there are wrong but wisdom and prayers for God Almighty to perfect their minds towards the betterment of the people. It is not a crime for us as human beings to praise the government in areas they have tried and advise and pray for areas that needed to be done for good. The time is now for character reformation and reorientation. Let engage ourselves on issue based that will encourage the government to detect their failures and not attacking.

Thank you as you read this.

Omale Danjuma writing from Ankpa,

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