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Gov Bello flagged off Idah -Onyedega road in Ibaji three years ago without nothing on site: Ogah Mark.

Three years ago, the Kogi state government flagged off the Idah-Onyedega road in Ibaji local government area at the contract sum of over N5 billion. Performing the Flag off ceremony at Onyedega the LG headquarter ( pictures below) , Gov Yahaya Bello who was on his first and last visit to Ibaji said like he meant it that the flag off of the 40 kilometres Idah-Onyedega road would be asphalt overlay, that when completed would boost the economy of the area. This at that time was in the month of April. Little did the Ibaji people know that it was just an April fool prank. They has been no explanation or official statement from the Kogi state government why the project hasn't commenced.

It has been categorically established that GYB is a man with plenty words and little or no action whatsoever. Ironically but yet sadly,this same set of disgruntled people the Governor pranked with his buffoonery are still the same people going around campaigning for him. I just cannot comprehend the reasons. I just sincerely in all honesty cannot comprehend the motives or reason whatsoever. Can a snake birth a monkey? Please can some of you his supporters Cent ZeroFour Amb Anthony Ogah shed more light on what you think of a governor who did not pay civil servants for almost 36 months out of the 48 months which is 4 years. What magic are you expecting from him? I stand to be corrected, are you of the opinion that your support for GYB is genuine and in the interest of the people? Is it out of Goodwill for the Ibaji people or your personal gains? GYB has constantly/consistently deceived and offended the Ibaji people by doing nothing for Ibaji in four years and humiliating our only son in his administration Simon Achuba yet you are going around campaigning for his re-election against your conscience.

How do you all feel when you travel through that road to Ibaji to campaign for a man that promised to rehabilitate the same road that has become a death trap,more dilapidated and has claimed more lives even the dear life of our own brother at his prime Ogah Emeka Amos was lost on that road on the 31st of December 2018. May his gentle rest in peace! Let your conscience be alive, awake and functional. It's sacrosanct, Bello Must Go! It's a task for us all.

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