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How can a Muslim Governor refused to pay salary even in the month of Ramadan: Rajab AbubAkar

Where are the advisers to the the governor?

Most Muslims will not forgive you for this singular act.

Most of us will withdraw our support for the governor.

It's getting out of hands.

I can not continue to pretend that everything is alright when I know that nothing is alright.

All the agreement I had entered with the new direction government was not fulfilled especially the area of bringing in the people that worked for victory they are enjoying today.

I have giving a lot to our great party the APC 500 times more than what they felt they have done for me.

We won the last election because of our antecedents and not because of the new direction government. In fact, we would have won with a higher margin if we had contested under another party platform.

Some people are still in the APC because Me and they have exhausted their patience. I normally tells that things will soon be alright.

No matter what, I will remain with the masses and the masses are not with this government.

I have given you enough support, and enough advises but it seems the government is not ready to listen to my advises.

They don't have regards for my opinions. I will take my opinions and advises else where.
I can not pretend anymore.

Any government that does not listen to the advises of the professionals is bound to fail.

Elders does not posses only knowledge and experiences , but they also have wisdom.

I have taken enough insults because of my support for the government but the government is adamant to my advises and suggestions.

I can't suffer both side. I will rather remain with the masses.

My relevance is not recognized in this government. I will for the first time go contrary to my Oga's political ideology. As I can see that he does not have much say in this government.
I will try other candidates who recognizes my relevances.

I wish the government well and pray that they change in the remaining few months of their government. Human being can easily forgive and forget but if they continue like this, Wallahi even if they share 1m Naira per votes, they will not win.
The government should use this remaining periods as an opportunity to make the necessary corrections. Situations in Kogi State is conspicuously deteriorating and the masses are in disarray. Empower the leaders to wet the ground now and serious persuasion should take off immediately if not what happened to Audu and Wada will repeats itself in the next election.

I hope nobody will take these personal. I'm a realist and I can not live with deception and frivolity.

Thank you all. May Allah intervene in the next election so that kogi people will smile again.

Recently I wrote that this is not the time to remove Bello. People misunderstood it to be an endorsement. No way. I was just trying telling people to support the government now so that you will not loose all.

As a Muslim we must support the government and the people in authority but that isn't an endorsement for the next election.
Maasalam and Ramadan mubaraq.

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