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Must read : Kogi Traditional rulers visit to President Buhari and the real story.

Good morning my Brothers and Sisters, the past few days has been a very challenging time for all Kogites in wake of the recent political developments in the state involving the monarchs and in particular the ATTAH IGALA . One would naturally wonder why should that happen in the first place!
I was previlaged to speak to the ATTAH IGALA recently on the matter at hand. In summary, He said the speech that was given to him to read at Aso rock was not given to him initially and that moments before they met the President "Yahaya Bello" and "Edward Onoja" presented a new written speech to him right there and then and insisted that ATTAH IGALA being the head of the Traditional council of Kogi state must read the speech as that was what they have presented to the President before hand.
ATTAH IGALA further said that the visit was supposed to be an annual visit to the President by the state traditional council which every state traditional council does, and that on two occasions recently, the state government had invited the Traditional Council to Lokoja to endorse the governor for a second term in office which ATTAH IGALA did not attend (no body seems to notice that) . But in the case of the Traditional Council's visit to the President, He being the Chairman of the Traditional Council is compelled to lead the delegation along with the governor of the state.
The move by the governor to drag the Traditional Council to Aso Rock to make that endorsement speech was done under durex, where and when the all Igala political commentators could not help. The Government of Kogi state is the most unpopular and desperate institution in Nigeria today, hence their eagerness to go against the norms and values of our Traditional rulers in order to pursue their goals by all means because they failed in governance due to the kind of people in the government of Kogi.
"The undeniable fact remains that this Tyrannical and Despotic regime that came into office by fluke has brought insults and disrespect to our Traditional institutions by there immoral act of using the state mechanism to Harass and intimidate our Monarchs into their myopic political gimmicks where the regime have totally failed and lost the good will of Kogi citizens. The current government of Kogi is under pressure from the masses and their policies are unsustainable , hence it can not last and it is condemned by the design of "AYEGBA OMA IDOKO ANEGALA".

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