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Anyigba community is presently suffering a major blow in terms of security of the lives of both it's indigenes and aliens alike. Anyigba is presently facing it's dark days as killing has become a thing of joy especially amongst our youths.

I engaged someone from Anyigba recently in one of my visits and was shocked the manner with which they have reasoned Anyigba to be. He said and i quote "if we don't hear a gunshot in Anyigba for a day, they won't sleep well"... This statement weakened me to my spine and I was left with no option but to utter prayer bitterly for my dear community. Some questions came through to me that I have not found answers to.
Is this the Anyigba we all grew in?
Is this the Anyigba where love bounded us?
Is this not the Anyigba where aliens fell in love with and chosed to permanently stay?

What happened to Anyigba community? What went wrong? Who cursed us? Why kill ourselves? I am originally not from Anyigba or even Dekina LGA, but all my life.. from birth to adulthood I have stayed in this once peace loving community.

The emergence of our enviable citadel of learning was embraced by all as an institution to enlighten and facelift the community, but reverse has become the case. Instead of the university influencing Anyigba community negatively as is obtainable in many communities harbouring universities, Anyigba is the one influencing the university. The guns distribution and violence acceptance by selected few Anyigba politicians has geared up this menace and should hastily be tackled.

Mr. Umoru Reti of the blessed memory when he was the Anyigba community Vigilante chairman I must confess gave his all to make sure violence, theft and killing is brought down to the bearest minimum and we all in one way or the other enjoyed his duged approach of tackling security issues. May God raise a standard against this menace in our land.

Adeboh Jonathan Smart
Writes from Abuja

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