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It is no longer news that the rate of insecurity in Igala Nation is alarming, ranging from thefts to arm robbery, from political thuggery to cultism. The mother of all is the kidnapping and assassination of innocent citizens. This attitudes is  alien to the  Igala nation over the years going by our upbringing and cultural traits, unfortunately acculturation and social coexistence that  born out of our hospitality and humane nature birthed this inhumane treatment to our people.
Igala people has been known to be dexterity in action and  great warriors with  humane positions in all spheres of life going by the history of our successive victories during the series of wars . It was on record that our hero's past resisted the invasion of Uthman Dan Fodio Jihad while he was on territorial acquisition across the Niger - Benue Confluence Areas. The Jukun’s historical antecedent would never be completed without mentioning the Kwararafa battle for freedom with Igala nation. Even the Benin war and the Inacholo mysterious Stream were still fresh in our memories. At the later stage; the Eje Bailo vs Onu Senusi the then emir of Kano during Queen Elizabeth visit at Kaduna was a good reflection of Igala strength and prowess but unfortunately the same Igala people can no longer walk equal shoulders in the committee of ethics and tribal nation.
  1. Historically, most of the traditional titles  of Igala nation that  were conferred on illustrious sons and daughters was in accordance to their skills and achievement in their various professions, it is unfortunate  that today all the tradition, culture and norms that where peculiar with our mode of life were neglected for socialism and materialism which is  detrimental to the spiritual norms of Igala traditional regalia and doings. Where are the great hunters of Igala nation that earn the following tittles and more? (Ayidu, Ukpalu Eko, Ojiji, etc) where are the Achokolobia that is for the most powerful and champions youth of the community? Where the Ebos in Igalamela? Where is Omi Olikpa given to witches and wizard to die at the course of their dastardly actions of killing? (Ochus)? Where is the egwu Abulle, Ajamalede and Egwu Odu that was used as social control over the years? Where are the Atamodu, Olageyi Emewe, Ogede,  Elli, Affa and other mysterious masquerades that cast spell on the evil doers in Igala Nation?
It is time we all call on the Atta Igala and remind him of his primary duties to the Igala people’s  and their land which he promised to bring back the  main Igala tradition and cultural traits without innovative mentality inclination to fight all these social vices in Igala land.  Atta should as a matter of urgency call on Aye-Alijenu, the leader of the Igala traditionalist and association  of Igala hunters and give them a task of securing our territory with their powerful Ughane, Egahi and Ijelle, in which the recently created yoruba Nation Ametokun may  be looking for a way to partner with Igala nation.
It is either Atta Igala embark on these salient point or  visit the grave yard of Abutu Ejeh at Otutubatu in Abejukolo-Ife as one of the founding fathers of Igala Nation, recognizing Atiyele as one of the greatest warriors that has fought for the peaceful co-existence of Igala nation, and the Achekwu of Ogbaikolo Ototolo 1 of Igala Kingdom to redeem the battered image of Igala nation, but if he refuses to do either of these, then it will be so glaring that he is not ready to salvage the land that has already been engulfed by all forms of calamities.
Alternatively, we want to also enjoin all the Igala personalities to stop the blame game and I don’t care attitudes to put their heads together with all the local government administrators to hire the services of some core Ibaji boys with mysterious power and charms to guide and guards our major towns, entrance and boundaries I.e Itobe, Ajegwu, Ochadamu junction, around Otukpa branch, egumale, , Ankpa, Otukpa and Amoke Junction, Ogane Inugu, Abejukolo, Bagana, Bassa and Idah river bank areas etc. This will go a very along way in solving the most pressing security situations in Igala land, inline with the recent community policing supported by the federal government.
I want to advice some of our desperate politicians to do away from gun running kind of politics that often led to the killings of our able and strong promising young men that would have defend and protect the territory from internal and external invasion. The scenario of bank robbery in Kogi East has become so many, but the day our able young men resisted and late Rambo and Solo made the top most sacrifice bank robbery come to an end in Igala nation. This current problem of insecurity in ane Igala is supposed to be a battle for the like of Kabiru Osama,  Zakari Yao, Ogwu Araka, Ijaja, Attai More, Abdul Ibegwu, Ejule Boys and other strong young men across the land but today where are those guys?
Conclusively, i want everyone to make a sacrifice in contributing in a way to help salvage our land from the shackles of insecurity for development and meaningful investment in our land.
Sule Isa Akagwu Kpaleko
Anyigba - Kogi East

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