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God used the enemies of Usman Okai Austin to promote him: Shagari Akus.

As Joel Osteen would say 'Sometimes your enemies will do more to promote you than your friends. They thought they were going to stop you, discourage you, intimidate you, but they didn't realize God used them to light a fire on the inside'.

What they think is oppression, humiliation and intimidation. It is part of God's plan to get you to your destination. Just as God used Goliath to promote David, God used the enemies of this gentleman Usman Okai Austin to promote him.

Few years ago, I heard about wrongful arrest of Okai by Kogi State Government. I reached out to Edward Onoja the former Chief of Staff Immediately that irrelevant of the difference it is not right to arrest him.

Bros - was so boastful like he got the world in his pocket. I told him you are not fighting or humiliating Austin. You are only promoting him.

Today over 90% of the yes men misleading him abandoned him. If God give us power, may we have wisdom to listen to people that will tell us truth. Only people that truly want you to succeed will tell you the truth.

To everyone reading, some people are fighting you and want to destroy you. You may not be happy today. But always remember that God will never allow any man humiliate you unless is going to work for your good.

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